1. eggsackley asked: there's this show on tv currently called Justified that's pretty cool. it's on fx, it's an episodic cop show based on an Elmore Leonard (who i think wrote some stuff for it before HE died) character, and it kind of reminds me of the Rockford Files and stuff like that. it's cleverly written, but it's not serious at all, it's just a fun cop show.


    oh yeah, i love justified, it’s a great mix of cop/crime show and modern-day western.  have you read the raylan books?

  2. mouthguard88:

    White Suns - “Prostrate” Official Video

    Directed by Mouthguard88 (Amnon Freidlin & Diana Joy)

    Director of Photography: Haoyan of America

    Assistant Camera and Props: Ada DeFriez



  4. DON’T FORGET WHO SENT YOU New single and video by Mouthguard88 (Diana Joy and Amnon Freidlin)

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